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CES Divorce Policy
Looking for people to curse
Thoughts on Missionary Rituals
Crossfire Canyon: A study in conflict, part three
Family Home Evening at Shea Stadium
Born to Run/Walk
Your Friday Firestorm #14
Porting the Sacrament
fMh Marathon Announcment
Owning Up
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Live Review: Low in L.A., Sep 28, 2007
Freebies from the Crib: Peekaboobaby Winner
A Blind Man Walks Into A Bar …
Mormon Stories # 068: Spirituality of the Rising LDS Generation Pt. 1 — “Flexibility”: An interview with John Kovalenko
Tap . . . Tap . . . Tap - Surely You Recognize That Tune?
Damn you Norman Manea!
Los Mormones, Polygamia y Queso
The small shift
Multiply and Replenish . . . Your Spreadsheet
Reminder on Comments: This Is Not the Place for YOUR Unconstrained Freedom of Speech
Blogs Three
“Flexibility”: A Mormon Stories interview with John Kovalenko
The random effect of memory
If They’re So Afraid of MSNBC, How Could They Possibly Take On Terrorists?!?
Cool Things About Being A Latter-Day Saint
VP Cheney Comes to Utah for Secret Meeting!
Two Prophets (abish and Jared) Declare Repentance to Sodom and Egypt (BCC)
Twilight, I am not that into it.
wedding quilt
wedding quilt
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I feel deceived.
Some Things to Think About
nancy pelosi or bella lugosi?
Uzbek Nativity
Bambara at store. Fri, Sep 28, 2007.
Loving Your Enemies
An Anti-Mormon’s Missionary Guide
Weighing in on the Utah Voucher Program
ahmadinejad interviews: mahmoud’s pattern of poor performance
a long day, but only longer days ahead